About me

Let me introduce you myself: My name is Jeremy-Oliver Shoemaker. I come from the cattery breading Shoemaker´s Cat, CZ. I am a black and silver blotched tabby British cat with beautiful green eyes. I was born in November 16th 2005 and my mother is Gíza Shoemaker and a father is Fabien Silver Favour.
Three months later I went to my new master. She does everything for me, she spoils me. The first present I got from her was a beautiful cat friend Elizabeth. We call her Betty.

Due to the fact my mum and daddy have got titles from exhibitions, my master has decided to participate too. The first exhibition I was at was in Prague-Smíchov in December 2006. Because I am afraid of people I got Valerian drops into my cage to feel better and relaxed (it is a fragrance, which cats love). But something unexpected happened. I, a clumsy cat, poured all water from my bowl and you cannot imagine the beautiful smell. I loved it very much. Unfortunately Mrs. Judge had another opinion. She said: „It is a horrible smell, dirty smell......“. She was probably right, because all visitors of the exhibition avoided my place. Anyway I got the first CAC title, which has been my last so far..

Since I received the first CAC title it has been a long time, during which I attended a lot of shows. Some of them were successful, other were not so good and also there were another one where I was really excellent. During the two years I won all the titles - CAP, CAPIB, CAGPIB, CAPS. In 2010 I was named the Cat of the year 2009 and winter of 2010 I won my last title DSM.

My stories about shows, and not just about them, you can read in the tabs: On Christmas, Toys, Road to titles, Other exhibitions. You can also go through the gallery, where you will find lots of pictures that are worth seeing.