In March 2007 I started to compete about the titles Premior. To get this title is necessary to participate three exhibitions with gaining 3 CAP titles. At second exhibition, which was held in December 2007, I got the CAP title and the Best in Show nomination. The last needed CAP title I gained in February 2008. My master asked for the Premior award. I received the diploma with title PREMIOR and the purple ribbon.



Another title I have started to get is the INTERPREMIOR. It is necessary participation at two local and one foreign exhibition. In March 2008 we went to exhibition in Prague in hotel Pyramida. Firstly I got the CAPIB title and later I was nominated for BEST IN SHOW. The next the exhibition was held in June 2008 in Příbram and there I received the second CAPIB title. For the last - the third CAPIB - I travelled to Bratislava, Slovakia in August 2008. It was very successful event, because I got CAPIB and in BEST IN SHOW competition I was on the second place. Also that time my master asked for the award. I received diploma with the title INTERPREMIOR and a pink ribbon.



I have started to compete about title GRANDINTERPREMIOR. To get this title is necessary obtaining 4 local and 2 foreign CAGPIBs or it is possible to obtain 7 local and 1 foreign exhibitions. Due to the fact I participated at exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia and I was successful I got the CAGPIB title and nomination in BIS.


date place judge title
14.2.2009 Praha - KC A. de Bruin CAGPIB
31.1.2009 Plzeň Jana Knýová CAGPIB, NOM, BIS
14.12.2008 Praha - Stromovka Donatella Mostrangelo CAGPIB, NOM
13.12.2008 Praha - Stromovka Monica Boeckstrom CAGPIB, NOM, BIS
15.11.2008 Pardubice Marie Říhová CAGPIB, NOM, BIS
18.10.2008 Praha - KC Jana Knýová CAGPIB, NOM
31.8.2008 Chodová Planá Květa Mahelková CAGPIB, NOM
10.8.2008 Bratislava Eric Reijers EX 1 CAGPIB, NOM


Because I won 8 titles, my master asked for the GRANDINTERPREMIOR and I received it with the diploma and a green ribbon.



There are other exhibitions where I have got the following titles:


date place judge title
29.8.2009 Chodová Planá Bohumír Mahelka CAPS, NOM, BIS
26.7.2009 Praha - Stromovka Anna Wilczek EX 1 CAPS
25.7.2009 Praha - Stromovka Donatella Mostrangelo CAPS
11.7.2009 Ústí nad Labem Marie Říhová + Ferrari Burani CAPS, NOM, BIS
14.6.2009 Bratislava A. de Bruin CAPS
13.6.2009 Bratislava Dietmar Sagurski V 1 CAPS, NOM
6.6.2009 Příbram Marie Říhová CAPS, NOM, BIS
22.3.2009 Praha - Pyramida Jaana Jyrkinen V 1 CAPS, NOM, BIS
21.3.2009 Praha - Pyramida Bohumír Mahelka V 1 CAPS, NOM
28.2.2009 Ústí nad Labem Martin Kabina V 1 CAPS, NOM, BIS
15.2.2009 Praha - KC Marie Říhová CAPS, NOM, BIS

Because I won 11 titles, my master asked for the award. I received the diploma with the title SUPREME PREMIOR and a pink ribbon.



My master signed me up for the competition “The Cat of the Year 2009”. Because I was very successful that year - I finished two titles GIP, SP 12 times and I won Best in Show, in this competition, I got 390 points (i.e. the maximum score - counts only 10 exhibitions in that year). I received the diploma with a title "The Cat of the year 2009" and a gold cup with a violet ribbon.